John was born on a farm in Wilton, Maine and raised by parents thoroughly committed to agriculture and local politics.  Following graduation from Mt. Blue High School, John attended Southern Maine Community College earning a degree in Plant & Soil Science.  He furthered his Horticultural studies at the University of Maine at Orono, became a licensed Arborist, Master Gardener and certified with Erosion Control practices, Hardscape Installations and Pond Installations.

John also attended the Maine State Criminal Justice Academy and then went on to serve 4 ½ years as a Franklin County Sheriff Deputy.

John has run a thriving landscaping and nursery business in Wilton for the past 21 years with a focus on organic gardening practices and quality landscape services.  His children operate a vegetable stand that he started on his farm fields to offer quality, organic produce to local patrons.  John serves as a Selectman for the Town of Wilton and serves on several other committees within the town.

John became a registered Caregiver in 2011 where he has concentrated on patient education and became active with other Legalize Maine members to help ensure the future of small businesses in Maine.