Lucas Sirois is a home grown Mainer born in Farmington area. He currently lives in the Rangely area with his wife and family.

Lucas’ most notable experience includes:

  • Luke is the CEO of Narrow Gauge Holdings, a cannabis intellectual property company.
  • Graduated from Southern Maine Community College with a limited Masters Electrician License.
  • Lucas founded Western Maine Electric, Excavation and Snow Removal, which now has twelve employees.
  • Lucas has designed and constructed 34 grow operations in Maine, which produce some of the best quality medical marijuana in the state.
  • Lucas founded The Homegrown Connection, a hydroponics and grow store in Farmington, Maine.
  • Lucas founded the caregiver network Today’s Herbal Care Givers and co-founded the Spruce Valley, LLC network, both in Maine.
  • Lucas understands and teaches the importance of plant nutrient uptake in terms of bio-availability and at what stage they’re needed to obtain a healthy, high yielding plant. He also teaches proper watering technique, how to reduce the risk of insect infestations and fungus, and how to recognize and treat plant deficiencies.
  • Lucas is a senior cultivation consultant for TRiQ systems. Luke’s specialty at TRiQ is large scale indoor production, all types of integrated facility design, production systems and production operations.
  • Lucas has been the lead indoor cultivation design expert for large scale grow operations in the US, Canada, and South Africa.