Paul McCarrier grew up in Belfast Maine and has lived in different parts of the state over his 20 years in Maine. Growing up in Belfast he saw the destruction of the chicken factories, the rise and fall of MBNA and how large corporations will always put national interests before the needs of local people. He spent three years at the University of Southern Maine School of Social Work before leaving the university in the Spring of 2010 to peruse an apprenticeship in Maine’s new medical marijuana industry.


In the fall of 2010, Paul started to advocate for Maine’s patients and caregivers and was instrumental in the passage of a landmark medical marijuana reform law, that restored the intent of the 2009 Citizens Initiative. Since then, he has been the Legislative Liaison for Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine (2011-2014), a caregiver, private consultant and patient advocate.


In November of 2014, Paul left his position at Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine and founded Legalize Maine. He felt the need to form this new group to ensure that Maine’s domestic marijuana industry stayed in control of local people. Paul is well known and respected around the statehouse in Augusta as an honest advocate for the marijuana industry and the small artisan farmer.


He lives outside of Belfast with his two cats and enjoys vegetable gardening, sunny days and good people.