Legalize Maine, Legalize Marijuana in MaineTo Whom it may concern:

This past weekend I had a few big changes in my life. My amazing younger sister got married in Pennsylvania, I got to see my six year old triplet nieces and nine year old nephew, along with a dozen aunts and uncles for the first time in five years and Legalize Maine entered into a coalition with the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol (CRMLA).

This all happened on Sunday night and into Monday morning. On Monday morning I was left with a choice: I could address questions and concerns about the merger with CRMLA or spend precious time with my family before we parted ways. I made the decision to spend time with my family before starting my 13 hour drive to return to Maine.

Upon returning to Maine after a long and difficult drive I had to turn my attention to work with CRMLA and our allies to ensure that we have a successful transition to one campaign. CRMLA and Legalize Maine will remain separate entities working together for the greater good. The transition is going well and now I have the time to make a statement.

Make no mistake about it, the language has always been our focus and it is Legalize Maine language with no changes that will appear on the 2016 ballot.

Legalize Maine’s language will allow adults over 21+ who do not have a state defined qualifying medical condition to be able to grow 6 plants plus 6 vegetative and unlimited seedlings and access this important medicine. People with depression, anxiety, and other medical issues will finally be able to treat themselves. Doctors and caregivers will be able to work together to better study the plant to determine which strain will help with specific medical issues.

Thousands of new jobs will be created in the fields of cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and social clubs; owned by Maine people. We have come together under the banner of local control, to give citizens the strongest voice in deciding what is best for their municipality.

MPP and CRMLA’s role is to finish the final phase of signature collection and run the expensive campaign for the general election in 2016. They have a successful track record of winning elections and I welcome them to the team. They will be publicly supporting the Department of Agriculture, 6 plant plus vegetative home grows, and all of the other parts of our initiative.

We have formed the Maine Industry Group, which will fight for the existing medical marijuana program and prepare to protect the spirit of our language during implementation. We have not given up, nor are we going away. This is simply the next phase to achieve our goals.

Legalize Marijuana in Maine
Legalize Maine
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