Legalization moving forward.


It’s official, the Legalize Maine initiative to end marijuana prohibition will appear on the ballot this November. We would like to thank the 103,000 Maine citizens that signed our petitions to make it happen.

Maine is the only state to have a citizen’s initiative written and funded by local grassroots activists.



Legalize Maine, Legalize Marijuana in Maine

The Initiative:

  • Explicitly states that it cannot affect the current medical marijuana program.
  • Allows adults 21 years or older to grow marijuana at home.
  • Provides for a local licensing structure for retail cannabis stores throughout the state.
  • Dedicates 40% of the cultivation space for small farmers and 60% for medium farmers.
  • Limits cultivation size to prevent “Mega Farms”.
  • Creates thousands of new jobs.

The Legalize Maine initiative was written to benefit everyone in Maine, not just a select few. Ordinary people are tired of being considered criminals for relaxing with marijuana after a hard day’s work. The current medical marijuana program severely limits who is allowed to legally use marijuana. Our initiative will allow thousands of Mainer’s to access medicinal cannabis who otherwise would be considered criminals.

There has been a tremendous amount of incorrect information being spread about the role the Marijuana Policy Project is playing in the election. We would like to make it clear and to the point:

The Legalize Maine initiative, unchanged and in its entirety will appear on the November ballot.

Legalize Maine was never in this cause for fame or glory. We patched up our differences with MPP and are proud to have reached a united front on this issue. MPP has a successful track record winning elections and we welcome the work they will do on behalf of the citizens of Maine.

Paul McCarrier, Legalize MaineWe would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of Paul T. McCarrier. As a former board member and legislative liaison for the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine (MMCM), Paul has worked tirelessly to protect and expand our medical marijuana program over the past 5 years.

Paul knew that legalization would be passed in Maine sooner than later. His vision was not only to legalize adult-use marijuana in Maine but, most importantly, to direct all of the benefits of legalization – tax revenues, jobs, small business creation and personal cultivation – to Maine’s citizens, caregivers and small business owners.

Paul successfully completed the mission at great expense to himself. He received no compensation, including legitimate expenses. We urge people who understand the facts to stand up and support Paul and the campaign.

We realize people still have a lot of questions. We urge you to visit our website for more information. We have also created a FAQ that answers many of the specific questions people have had  Additionally, here is a direct link to the actual language in the initiative please read it for yourself.


roger bio picRoger Birks


On Behalf of the Board of Legalize Maine

Legalize Marijuana in Maine