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Legalize Maine

Why Does Maine Have Two Legalization Initiatives?

People are always interested to know why Maine has two initiatives. They ask, “What was so bad about the Legalize Maine initiative that made MPP feel the need to spend all that money on a competing initiative?”

We have never received a satisfactory answer to that question, but we thought we would go through the differences for you. We believe the differences are significant for the people of Maine.

Difference #1 – Who will regulate the new industry?

  • MPP wants Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations (BABLO)
  • Marijuana is a plant and should be regulated by Department of Agriculture
  • Alcohol regulations will eventually bring in distributors and monopolies

Difference #2 – Who has final say on rules and regulations?

  • Bureaucrats vs Elected Representatives
  • Routine technical rules allow bureaucrats to decide the regulations (MPP)
  • Major substantive rules require our elected representatives to review and

Difference #3 – Local determination for retail stores

  • Limits vs Local Determination
  • MPP sets a total limit on the number of stores.
  • Let the people in local communities decide, if there are too many stores some will go broke.

Difference #4 – Home Cultivation and Possession Limits

  • Six vs Six
  • Six total from MPP….that’s all
  • We allow six flowering…six vegetative….six seedlings

Difference #5 – Taxes

  • More vs Less
  • MPP has a 10% excise plus sales tax plus earmark for schools
  • 10% flat tax all to the general fund. Let our representatives decide how to spend it



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