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27 Oct

Now Casting – Online Form

23 Oct

How Does Question One affect patients?

Legalization will open up the cultivation and supply of cannabis for all adults with medical needs….not restrict it. Legalize Maine worked with Maine patients and caregivers across the state to write Question One so that small artisan farmers could exist ...

22 Oct

The Right to Home Grow.

Home grow is a centerpiece of the Legalize Maine initiative. Under Question 1, all Mainers 21 and over will have the right to cultivate marijuana. Marijuana can be expensive, and we believe you should be able to grow your own. ...

21 Oct

How Does Question One affect the medical marijuana program?

It doesn’t. Question One was written by members of the Maine medical cannabis community. It specifically prohibits changes to the medical program if Question One passes.But that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes. The medical marijuana program changes every year, ...

20 Oct

Question One… Written by Mainers for Mainers.

Legalize Maine knew years ago that Maine was different. We wrote the initiative to favor adults 21 years and older, protect our thriving medical program, and give Maine a new industry. The claim that big marijuana is coming to Maine ...

19 Oct

LIVE STREAM // 10/19/2016 – 5pm // Question One Informational Discussion

02 Apr

Legalize Maine initiative to end marijuana prohibition

02 Mar

Legalize Maine FAQ

02 Nov

Paul McCarrier in response merging with CRMLA

18 Oct

Comedy Emailer